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    Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
    12:47 am
    Phony cop badges = eliminating reserve and auxillary officers?
    Phony cop badges = eliminating reserve and auxillary officers?

    A person employeed in the Cook County Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs Division bought fake credentials and a badge online claiming to be chief of a fictious police force, and attempts to buy large amounts of automatic weapons with his false credentials. The ensuing legislation proposes not only tougher "impersonation laws", but to also restrict or eliminate Reserve and Auxillary Officers, seemingly implying that reserve and auxillary officers are the same as a person impersonating a cop!

    excerpt from article under lj cut:

    "Some law enforcement authorities said the General Assembly should re-examine state law to restrict the activities of reserve and auxiliary officers -- or eliminate them altogether. Sheahan has persuaded Rep. Jim Brosnahan (D-Evergreen Park) to sponsor legislation to amend the state law on impersonation of a police officer."

    This seems very insulting to Reserve and Auxillary Officers, and even to departments that utilize Reserve and Auxillary Officers to save department, and thereby taxpayer, money through work provided by Reserve and Auxillary units. How someone could jump from proposing "tougher legislation on impersonation of..." to "restricting or eliminating" Reserve and Auxillary units, is confusing to me. My department saves ALOT of money through reserve support, not just through events but on routine patrol and saturations.

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    Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
    3:53 am
    Here's something for starters!!
    This is the website of my Auxiliary Unit.
    Somerville Auxiliary Police Department

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    3:17 am
    I hope this thing takes off!! I figured i'd make a journal for other people like myself to get to know what other Auxiliary and Reserve unit's around the State of Massachusetts and the rest of the country operate and what kind of duties you have. Let everyone know. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. thanks.

    The Maintainer

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